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What Tests Are Done Before Bariatric Surgery?

What Tests Are Done Before Bariatric Surgery?

As with any major investment in your health, weight loss surgery requires proper planning and care. It can be an incredibly life-changing way to lose weight and keep it off long term.

However, depending on your situation, bariatric surgery may not be the best option for you at this point. It’s important to reduce complications and risks. With proper testing, your surgeon will want to see various indicators that you are ready to undergo the surgery.

So what tests are done before gastric bypass surgery? Let’s explore the different examinations you may need before weight loss surgery.

The Importance Of Bariatric Surgery Pre Op Testing

Testing is crucial for the following reasons:

  • Inform your surgeon on the best method to use
  • Help you understand how to recover quickly and safely post-op
  • Give you detailed information on how the weight loss surgery will go
  • Gain medical clearance for bariatric surgery

What Tests Are Done Before Gastric Sleeve?

There are different preoperative tests that the surgeon may request that you do. This screening is to make sure that you are safe during and after the operation. Examples of medical tests you’ll need before bariatric surgery are:

Barium Swallow Test

This test involves you drinking a liquid that allows the doctor to see how it goes through your body. This helps the surgeon determine if you have abnormalities in the gastrointestinal tract such as acid reflux.

It also gives them a map of your anatomy.


An EKG test is akin to a stress test and cardio echo test. It helps determine how strong your heart valves are functioning.

Exercise Test

Your bariatric doctor may want you to perform some light exercise as part of a test. This can include an exercise bike or treadmill. This allows them to understand your blood flow and tolerance for stress.


Ultrasounds can be used to detect inflammation or gallbladder stones. It may be necessary to remove your gallbladder if abnormalities are determined. This is a non-invasive and quick test to perform.

Lab Tests Before Bariatric Surgery

A common type of lab test is to have a thyroid test before your bariatric weight loss procedure. Additionally, the surgeon will analyze all of your blood that includes vitamins, iron, and hemoglobin levels.

If there are vitamin deficiencies, they may suggest you supplement specific vitamins before having the procedure.

Additional Testing Information

Your weight loss surgeon may also request the following exams:

  • EGD before bariatric surgery
  • Drug test before bariatric surgery
  • Blood tests before bariatric surgery


Testing is the first step to your weight loss surgery. While testing may be somewhat time consuming, it’s very necessary. It’s much better to know exactly how your body might hold up during and after the operation.

That way the surgeon can select the best method to help you lose weight. They can also instruct you with the best instructions to follow post-op to stay healthy, keep the weight off, and slim down even further.

Bariatric Weight Loss – Mexico

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