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Medical Travel during the Pandemic

At TreVita we’re taking COVID-19 and safety seriously. Please see below for a list of precautions we’re taking during the pandemic:

  • Firstly, all patients and travel companions are required to take PCR Test 5 days prior to surgery. They must bring negative test result for doctor review.
  • Secondly, private hospital rooms provided to all patients.
  • Thirdly, mask must be worn throughout duration of stay in Mexico by patient and travel companion. (exceptions: while eating, drinking, or with doctor’s permission).
  • In addition, doormen will check your temperature and dispense hand sanitizer on your hands prior to entering the inside of the hotel.
  • Lastly, our on-site coordinator will practice social distancing when meeting patient upon arrival, wearing a face mask and keeping 6 feet apart.


Medical travel is permitted during the pandemic with additional safety measure put into place.

Patients must take the PCR Nasal Swab test 5 days prior to surgery. In addition, patients are also required to bring the test results with them to surgery. (Note: name on the test must match name on photo government ID, otherwise patient will be rejected for surgery)

Patients are allowed to bring one travel companion.  Companion is required to follow the same Safety Regulations as patients.

Obesity + COVID-19 Resources


According to the CDC: “Adults with excess weight are at even greater risk during the COVID-19 pandemic:

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