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Track Your Transformation With the TreVita App

Wellness in the Palm of Your Hand

We know that surgery is only a small part of a successful transformation. While most clients will see amazing results with the surgery alone, the procedure itself is often secondary to healthy lifestyle changes when it comes to long-term sustainability. That’s why we created the TreVita App to help you track your transformation. We can’t do the work for you, but we can help make things easier.

TreVita App Available on Your Apple or Android Phone

The TreVita App is your go-to resource for building a better you. The app allows you to log your daily progress. Our App is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems.

TreVita Bluetooth Smart Scale

The TreVita Bluetooth Smart Scale measures a broad range of body composition metrics: weight, BMI, body fat, water % and muscle mass.

Track Your Transformation

Our app reduces the amount of work involved in tracking your transformation. It connects to your TreVita Bluetooth Smart Scale that is included in your package!. The data is conveniently tracked through the Bluetooth smart scale and automatically transfer to the app.

Optimized Reminders

Our app allows you to set daily alerts to remind you to record your progress. We will not overwhelm you with constant alerts, but we will be your accountability partners. You can customize the frequency with which you get the alerts or even turn them off.

Contact Us

It starts with a phone call with one of our US-based Consultants. We will walk you through all the steps to start your weight loss journey.​

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