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TreVita Referral Program

TreVita invites valued clients to participate in our Referral Reward Program. This is a great way to share your excitement and experience with family, friends, and colleagues and change someone’s life through weight loss surgery! This program is designed where not only do you get rewarded for spreading the word, but the person you referred to us gets rewarded as well!

Our Dual-Side Referral Program

Our program rewards you as well as your referral. Everyone you refer to TreVita will receive a discount on their bariatric surgery in Mexico with TreVita and you will also receive a reward after the referred patient has completed their weight loss procedure. This is a great and easy way to refer others to have the same weight loss success you have had.
**You must be a previous client that has completed surgery with TreVita to enter into our Referral Program**
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Detailed Instructions

Step 1:

Fill out the Referral Form with your information to receive a unique referral code to refer others to TreVita.

Step 2:

The referral must include the unique code on their health form submission to qualify for the referral program.

Step 3:

The referral award will be awarded to the referring party (no later than 15 days) after a referred patient has completed their weight-loss procedure.

Step 4:

The referral will receive a discount on their procedure at the time of booking.

Note: There is no limit to the number of referrals a referrer can have. This offer is not retroactive and cannot be combined with any other offer.

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