Mini Gastric Bypass in Mexico

Mini gastric bypass (MGB or OAGB) is a type of surgery for weight loss. It is comparable to the gastric bypass surgery but has only one connection to the small intestine. And instead of using a small pouch such as the gastric sleeve , this surgery procedure makes use of a tube-like pouch that is able to hold about 1-2 ounces, limiting how much food you can take in at one time. The small intestine is then looped or attached to a new pouch that is located about six to seven feet from its starting point. This placement will bypass the part of the intestines, thus allowing for less calories, nutrients, and fats to be absorbed by the body, resulting in weight loss. Mini Gastric Bypass has two mechanisms of action:
mini gastric bypass


What Qualifies You to Get a Mini Gastric Bypass?

To qualify for the Mini Gastric Bypass, you must: