Weight Loss Surgery

in Mexico

We help patients obtain high quality, safe, & affordable bariatric surgery at a third of the cost in the bariatric capital of Mexico.

Free Consult (5)

Weight Loss Surgery

in Mexico

We help patients obtain high quality, safe, & affordable bariatric surgery at a third of the cost in the bariatric capital of Mexico.

Free Consult (6)
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Weight Loss Surgery: Affordable, Safe, & Simple

We help save stress for patients with our Compassionate Surgery Coordination and Support.

Safe Surgical Facilities

Top Surgical Facilities

TreVita only partners with the best surgical facilities in Mexico. 

Board-Certified Surgeons

We interview every doctor and facility we work with because we only work with the best. 

Travel and Hotel Included

Travel & Hotel INCLUDED

Private ground travel and a luxury hotel stay are included in our Surgery Package.

Bariatric Doctors and Hospitals

Decades of experience has provided us with the ability to screen based on hands-on real-world experience.

COMING SOON! Easy Financing Options available in 2 months. Contact us for more information!

Post-op Support

Nutritional supplements professionally formulated and delivered to your home every month.

TreVita Wellness App
TreVita Wellness App

Measure & record your weight loss progress with our latest weight-tracking app designed for bariatric patients. Coming soon to the App Store and Google Play!

Weight Loss Tracking

We provide you with a Bluetooth enabled scale, as part of your TreVita welcome package, that will link to your TreVita Wellness app for progress tracking and advisory care.

American Board-Certified Doctors

Certified by the American College of Surgeons

Modern Facilities

Comparable to U.S. surgical facilities with modern tech

5-Star Hotels

Top luxury hotels close to our Partner Facilities included in Surgery Package.

Why get Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico?

High Quality Medical Care

High Quality Care

Mexico has world-class medical facilities with top-rated doctors that provide excellent results.

Luxury Accommodations

5-Star Hotels

Top, luxury hotels are located conveniently close to the U.S. border and our partner hospitals.

Save Thousands on Weight Loss Surgery

Save Thousands

Patients save thousands of dollars getting bariatric surgery in Mexico vs. in the U.S.

No insurance Required

Easy Scheduling

No insurance? No problem. Get an affordable weight loss procedure with less hassle than in the U.S.

Gastric Sleeve with Dr. Carlos
Gastric Sleeve
First Class Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico (4)


Thankfully, no!

The facilities we work with are issued a special medical tourism pass to ensure a hassle-free border crossing. Our private medical transport van will easily and safely drive you across the border both to and from Tijuana.

We believe so!

While Mexico faces a variety of challenges like any other developing nation, the country is unique in its proximity and familiarity with Americans and American customs and has benefitted greatly from decades of favorable trade. The result is a generally friendly and welcoming neighbor to the South with a massive infrastructure for providing lower priced medical procedures specifically to Americans. We believe the service and quality of care meet or exceed those found in the U.S., with customer service and overall experience often far exceeding U.S. standards.

All of our patient coordinators and surgeons speak English and there is always a fluent English-speaking staff member on the floor at all times (even after hours).

People often forget how close Tijuana is to the U.S. and how intertwined the two communities and economies are. The result is a local population with many proficient English speakers. Between our dedicated English-speaking staff and others at the hospital, you’ll always find yourself with someone thoughtful to speak to.


All rooms are equipped with a sleeper sofa to accommodate a guest throughout your stay. Your patient coordinator will let him or her know of the local resources available and make sure to introduce them to all staff members should you need anything. Please keep in mind that your companion can stay for free, but their meals are not included.


Do you qualify?

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