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A better you.

You have the power to change your life — to evolve, to become the very best version of yourself. And we’re here to help. We offer an all-inclusive service to anyone who wants to give themselves the gift of high-quality, low-cost elective surgeries in Tijuana, Mexico. Catering to your every need, we handle financing, travel, we screen our surgeons and provide post-op care. Who are we?

How we work

Let us break it down into three simple steps.

Step 1
The Groundwork

It all begins with you. Once you’ve made the decision to change life for the better, we ensure you have the financing to make your dreams come true. We present you with the options, create a surgical itinerary, and book your travel.

Step 2
Planning & Surgery Prep

We get you safely across the border to our high-tech surgical facility. Here, our vetted medical staff performs the procedure of your choice using the most advanced surgical techniques, backed by the latest research.

Step 3
Travel, Surgery & Follow-up

You are handled with the utmost care as you are transported to a place where you can relax and heal. A TreVita nurse will tend to your post-op needs as you recover from your surgery. After a few days, your doctor will clear you to travel home.

Experience +

Your safety is our top concern. And we take every precaution possible to ensure it. Each aspect of your journey to a better you — from travel to medical concerns — has been scrutinized and optimized to provide you with the safest and most secure experience.

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