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Cosmetic surgery is no longer the domain of the rich and famous. Today, with the exclusive relationship between Trevita and Sundance Medical Finance, almost anyone can afford to enhance their appearance and self-esteem. We understand how important the costs of your procedure may play in your decision to undergo elective cosmetic surgery. Learn more here
Based your surgery on a specif date is not a good idea. Ask you doctor for a range when it comes to healing time. Consider that healing time differs from person to person and from procedure to procedure. You need to schedule your surgery when you have plenty time to recuperate.
Surgeons use anesthetic during surgery. The recovery process always involves a degree of pain and discomfort. Analgesics help reduce pain and discomfort during this period by reducing inflammation and swelling.
In general terms, as long as you are healthy and have reasonable expectations then you are a good candidate for surgery. Who will determine that will be the surgeon.
The surgeon will aim to enhance your overall appearance with your surgery. Most clients experience increased self-confidence after their procedure.
The doctor will evaluate every client and based on their age, health, and the procedures they request they will determine what procedures can be combined.
The healing process differs with each surgery. Most clients’ experience bruising which resolves in a few days, and swelling which resolves in a few weeks. Most clients also feel weaker than normal and are instructed to rest for a few days after their surgical procedures. At the time of your consultation, the doctor will go over all the post op and recovery instructions.
The doctor will go over risks of every surgery in detail at the time of your consultation. Risks of surgery in general include but are not limited to pain, bruising, swelling, infection, nerve or vessel damage, need for another procedure, bleeding, and damage to deeper structures.
If you work on weekdays, plan your surgery on a Friday so you can have the weekend to recover.Condier that you might request time off for recovery.
You need to have flight transportation to and from the country you choose for the procedure.
Our package includes caretaker to stay with you in the recovery houses 24/7.
Medicine is cover by our package, your doctor will discuss this topic in detail.
Almost all cosmetic and plastic surgeries involve swelling and bruising.
You need to ask your doctor as to what exercises you are allowed to do after surgery and when to start exercising.

There are a couple of factors when determining whether or not plastic surgery is right for you. The most important factor is your health- being in good health reduces your risk of complications.

Second, you need to honestly ask yourself what your motives are. Most clients find that plastic surgery enhances their self-esteem and overall appearance. It is very important for clients to have realistic expectations.

It is common for your surgeon to perform multiple procedures to better sculpt your final look. Several small procedures may save you operating room and anesthesia fee costs; however, having too many procedures done at once may have complications as well.
Your surgeon will go over your concerns and medical history and assess whether the desired procedure is suitable for you. This is a good time to address all your concerns. Your surgeon will discuss the procedure along with risks and benefits associated with the procedure. After you choose your desired procedure, you will be asked to sign an informed consent stating you understand what is entailed in the procedures, including the potential risks and complications.

Traveling to Colombia

The cost of cosmetic procedures in Colombia is significantly lower than other countries. This is because the country has a large number of cosmetic and plastic surgeons and clinics that are willing to offer their services.
Plastic surgery is a booming industry in Colombia. The country has some of the lowest prices worldwide , and its hospitals are among the best in Latin America. This makes Colombia an attractive destination for patients looking to save money on high-quality cosmetic procedures
The cost of plastic surgery in Colombia is very low when compared with the US and other western countries. You can save upto 55% by opting for Colombia to get the cosmetic surgery done. The low cost of living in Colombia is the main reason why treatment is cheaper compared to the US. [2]
All U.S. citizens who do not also hold Colombian citizenship must present a valid U.S. passport to enter and leave Colombia. U.S. citizens do not need a Colombian visa for a tourist or business stay of 90 days or less or for cumulative stays of 180 days or less per calendar year.(https://travel.state.gov)
Colombia is one of the countries which is well connected with the rest of the world.It has not only international airports but also direct flights from US and Canada, making it very easy to reach.

Colombia has popped up as the hub of plastic surgery in the medical tourism sector. It is identified for its beautiful people and outstanding quality of cosmetic procedures.

Colombia has amazing doctors with excellent surgical skills. As per the global data of ISAPS, Colombia ranks #9 in the world for the number of surgeries performed.

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