Gastric Sleeve Recovery

As gastric sleeve surgery requires the least amount of invasiveness, patients are often discharged within one to three days. Patients may be discharged on the same day in some situations, however, this is a rare occurrence, and there must be no complications. Here is a guide to gastric sleeve recovery!

Recovery at Home: Things to Consider

While you are in the hospital, the staff will keep an eye on you and tests will be performed to verify there are no severe leaks or problems with the incisions. You will be able to go back home to finish your recovery once your surgeon has cleared you.

As part of your nutrition plan, you will be notified of care instructions to follow before leaving the hospital. It is natural to feel tired after the surgery and being on a calorie-restricted diet. You should be ready to sleep a lot the first few days you return home as your body will be focusing all its energy on recuperating.

Take your home layout into consideration. Are there any stairs? Do you have to climb up to go to your bedroom? Is it easy to get to the restroom? While simple activities such as short walks are beneficial, ascending stairs, walking, or standing for lengthy periods can be difficult, so it is vital to think about these questions ahead of time.

When Should You Return to Work

Most patients may return to work one week after the surgery, while some can resume in three to four days. However, there is a number of factors that influence how soon you return to work. These factors are:

  • Type of Work: Working a desk job is very different from a construction job. The length of time you will need to take off depends on the level of activity and physical demands of your profession.
  • Healing Process: Everyone heals at their own pace. Going back to work depends on how well your recovery goes and whether you encounter any complications that delay the healing process.

How Long Does it Take to Fully Heal

There is a significant difference between resuming normal activities and complete recuperation. Gradually, you will eventually be able to consume more and lead a more active lifestyle. You should begin to feel less weary and return to your normal schedule within a few weeks. Your stomach, on the other hand, will continue to recover.

The incisions take about 2-3 weeks to recover on average, and the stomach staple line takes 6-8 weeks to heal. Most people can resume their regular workout regimen after one month and are well on their road to full recovery.

Ensure Smooth Recovery with TreVita

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