Medical Tourism

Who We Are

About TreVita

TreVita is a premier Medical Tourism Concierge that provides personalized customer service and a hands-on screening process for our partner surgical facilities and surgeons so our patients don’t have to. 

Our small team consists of a serial entrepreneur, an experienced medical tourism expert, a local expert on the area, and a digital marketer. We discovered many U.S. patients don’t get the bariatric surgery they medically need because their insurance doesn’t cover it and the cost of bariatric surgery in the U.S. is very high (on average, between $23,000 – $28,000). 

Collectively, we discovered an inside tip shared amongst the nursing community to help U.S. patients get quality bariatric surgery at an affordable price.

The Secret:

You can get the same quality surgery as you do in the states by traveling to another country for surgery.

Why is this kept a secret?

  • Insurance doesn’t cover bariatric surgeries in the U.S.
  • American surgeons don’t want U.S. patients to know this because they’ll lose patients.

Not all surgeries abroad are the safe choice, so that’s why we heavily researched the best surgeons, surgical facilities, private ground transportation, and hotels in the area so our patients can make the smart and safe choice for their surgery.

Why Patients Choose TreVita

As a friend on the weight loss journey, we’re there to support patients every step of the way.

Patient Success

Our #1 goal is Patient Success. We prepare patient on what to expect for their surgery and answer questions.

Dedicated Surgery Coordinator
Dedicated coordinator

Each patient is assigned a dedicated Surgery Coordinator to work with every step of the way

Surgery Coordination

Our team coordinates everything to schedule the surgery. We help prep patient with their doctor’s pre-op diet and additional resources.

Ground Transportation
Private transport

We provide private ground transportation for our patients as soon as they arrive at San Diego Int’l Airport. Safe transportation across the border to Mexico, between hospital and hotel, and back to the U.S.

On-site Coordinator

Above all, our on-site coordinator is a resource for our patients if they ever need anything throughout their stay.

5-star Stay

We provide a comfortable hotel and hospital stay for our patients in Mexico. Patients stay at their hotel the first and last nights in the hotel, then in the hospital for the 2nd and 3rd nights.

Based in the U.S.

Conveniently located in Downtown San Diego. We are a short 30 minute drive from our patients. TreVita is a U.S. partner for our patients to ensure their surgery abroad is a success.

TreVita App

The TreVita App minimizes the amount of work involved in tracking your transformation after bariatric surgery.

Your Weight Loss Success is our Mission

We’re excited to help you begin your journey!

Are you ready?

We are. Your new you is waiting.