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What To Expect During Travel

Preparing for Your Journey: A Guide to Medical Tourism with TreVita

When someone travels out of their country to receive medical services, this is known as medical tourism. People are now looking for affordable and better access to healthcare. TreVita makes medical tourism much easier for you. We make surgery as affordable and safe as possible.

Before you travel for your surgery, you want to be prepared for it. Here is a general idea of what to expect before you see us for the surgery. Read on to learn more!

Everything is Well-Prepared for You

Medical tourism is safe for you and many other Americans. We have done much of the groundwork. The experts at TreVita have gone through every aspect of the medical tourism process. We help patients by obtaining the safest and most convenient travel options for surgery. We scrutinize our surgical staff for safety and measure the credibility of medical facilities. We also research the quality of post-op accommodations. We provide you with the best surgeons and facilities to ensure a safe and pleasant experience.

On The Day Of Surgery

Patients will receive private ground transport to the surgical center for bariatric surgery. You will be picked up by our driver at the San Diego airport. When the driver contacts you to pick you up, let him know your location so he can easily find you at the airport. When the driver has picked you up, he will then drive you across the border to the surgical center in Mexico.

When You Reach The Surgical Center

When you reach the surgical center, you will be led to a private patient room. The nurse will approach you to collect blood for the pre-op tests. After collecting the blood work, the surgeon will meet you to go over the procedure and answer any questions you may have before the surgery.

Once it is time for the surgery, you will be led to the surgical room and then introduced to the team assisting with your procedure. When you are ready, you will be put under anesthesia. After surgery, you will be brought to the recovery room.

You will spend time in a private patient room at the surgical center. The team of doctors and nurses will regularly monitor you and administer your medications and attend to your needs. You will not have any fluids to drink for 24 hours afterward.

Before Discharging You from Surgery

On the last day, a leak test will be done. During the leak test, you will receive water that comes with a purple tint to drink. The doctor will follow up with you shortly after, and examine you for discharge. Once you have been checked that there are no leaks with your new stomach, you are cleared to be discharged. Our surgery coordinators will escort all patients to the hotel, where you will spend the last night in Mexico. The next day, our driver will drive you back across the border to the airport.

Why Choose TreVita?

Here at TreVita, we help patients receive safe and high-quality bariatric surgery in Mexico. If you are looking for weight loss surgery from a highly experienced surgeon, this is the right place. Our surgeons are board-certified so you can be assured that they can provide you with the best care.

For more information about our services, feel free to contact us today.