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Pricing for Bariatric Surgery in Tijuana

How much does weight loss surgery cost?

Weight Loss Surgery Cost: When shopping for medical tourism services you’ll likely find a broad range of prices between different procedures, surgeons, and facilities. This is because not all procedures cost the same amount and not all facilities/surgeons are made equal. The same can be said of services like travel, recovery accommodations and follow-up care. There are also differences between how providers will display their prices: some are all-inclusive, while others are full of hidden fees.

Average price of Bariatric Surgery in the U.S.

ProcedureU.S Price
Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery$15,400
Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Surgery$23,000
Mini-Gastric Bypass Surgery (OAGB)$20,000


Gastric Sleeve Cost in the US

At TreVita, we know that we will not always be the least expensive choice and we’re OK with that because we know that we’re always the best choice. We do not negotiate when it comes to the happiness and health of our customers and we refuse to see our customers surprised with additional fees while in Mexico. While saving you money is always our goal, it’s ensuring you have the safest and highest quality experience that is paramount to our mutual success. 

We’re only as good as our customer’s successes, so we’ve chosen to focus primarily on the quality of the care, the expertise of the surgeons and on the surgical outcomes. We’ve found ways to make that high-quality transformation care affordable, leveraging technology and best in class subject matter expertise. No one offers a technology and subscription service like TreVita and we believe our surgical coordination services are unmatched worldwide.

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