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We know that surgery is only a small part of a successful transformation. While most patients will see initial results with the surgery alone, the procedure itself is often secondary to healthy lifestyle changes when it comes to long term sustainability. For most of our customers, it’s ongoing behavioral, nutritional, and fitness support that determines their ultimate success. We developed the TreVita App with this in mind.


We designed our app to minimize the amount of work involved in tracking your transformation. Our app connects to your TreVita Bluetooth smart scale that is provided along with your welcome package. This allows the two to share information directly, helping you to avoid tedious data entry. We also connect directly with Google Fit and Apple Health devices to track your activity, also allowing for less work and more focus on your transformation. Your app will alert you when to take your supplements as well as provide an activity calendar that shows recommendations across Nutrition, Fitness and Behavioral Change. We also provide you with full nutritional and fitness databases including over 17000 searchable food items and 1800 exercises with written and video instructions.

We are experts in guiding people, and we know the impact emotion and stress can play in your transformation. Stress can weigh heavily on all of us and we know that your behavioral health is paramount to your success in almost every other part of your life. That in mind, we also provide the ability to track your emotional state, stress levels and the cause of such stress and emotion. Our app will help you to identify the sources of your stress, your behavioral cycle’s daily/weekly/monthly, and how your emotions influence your nutrition and activity levels.

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All of our interactions will arrive within the Alerts section of our app. We will not overwhelm you with constant Alerts, but we will be your accountability partner to encourage and make suggestions.


You have the ability to join any TreVita Challenge that we have posted within the app. These are fun challenges that many of our members join to help keep themselves accountable as well as encourage and be encouraged by others that are going through a similar transformation.

This is also how you build up additional awards within your TreVita Profile. TreVita allows you to win prizes such as TreVita merchandise or receive discounts on products within our Shop section of the app. The more awards you build the more recognition and products you receive.


You are not alone with TreVita! You can join any community you are interested in so that you can post your accomplishments, receive posts from others and be inspired by other clients that are in this journey with you. When you join TreVita you are joining a much bigger community that will help you with your journey.

TreVita App

In addition to the advisory care we provide and your critical nutrition supplements, we offer a wide variety of products for purchase within our app and on our website. Our core products are focused on nutrition and fitness, including a variety of supplements, apparel, merchandise, home workout equipment, and more. Our surgical and wellness subscription customers also receive discounts off of retail pricing on our entire suite of products.


We track every step of your journey and display those metrics within your profile. Your dashboard includes charts that show how you have progressed in weight, muscle, hydration, BMI, and overall health. Throughout this process you will also receive Awards for various achievements and important milestones along the way.

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