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The Best Tips For Traveling To Mexico For Medical Procedures in 2023

The Best Tips For Traveling To Mexico For Medical Procedures in 2023

Traveling for bariatric surgery in Tijuana and other areas in Mexico is becoming incredibly commonplace. After all, you can achieve an excellent new look without breaking the bank like in the United States.

However, as with anywhere, international travel to Mexico comes with some tips that you should keep in mind. Otherwise, you may find yourself getting a procedure that you’re less than satisfied with or ending up in an area of town that isn’t quite as safe.

So in this article, let’s talk about some tips for traveling to Mexico for medical procedures. That way you can have total peace of mind as you search for your transformational weight loss surgery.

How To Travel To Mexico For Bariatric Surgery Safely

Use A Tourism Agency

Book your trip through a medical tourism agency. They have experience helping you with this kind of weight loss trip. Working with your surgeon or medicine provider, they can have someone pick you up at the airport directly from the hotel.

This way you’re only being transported from the airport to the hotel to the weight loss center. It’s one of the most underrated safety tips for medical tourists in Mexico.

Get Medical Travel Insurance

While weight loss surgery can be less expensive in Mexico, it still comes with a cost. By being proactive, you can get assurance several months ahead of time. This will help you be protected for some of the additional costs of your surgery.

Choose A Great Surgeon

The doctors at TreVita are qualified weight loss doctors. They’re the best quality medical professionals that you can find for this type of procedure. Ensure that you’re getting quality care from people who have experience with the types of operations that you want.

English Speaking

The last thing you want to do is to be getting surgery in a foreign land with someone who doesn’t even speak your own language. Ensure that your medical center has English speakers on staff.

Ideally, the doctors themselves would also have a decent level of English. This will help you translate your questions into your language to feel comfortable throughout the entire process.

Use The Medical Lane

In Tijuana, there is something called the medical lane. This allows patients to get to their healthcare centers without waiting in long lines or risking their safety. These areas have more cameras, police, and safety measures in place.

Make Sure Your Medical Center Has A Website

Similarly to the points above, if you go with a well-known weight loss center that has a website, you’re going to be safer overall. If you try to go to some random doctor that only has a telephone number, you may not be in a safe area of town. You want to be where the infrastructure and tourism is.

Avoid Flashing Wealth

While many of the areas in Tijuana are safe for medical tourism, you still want to avoid wearing expensive jewelry or displaying wealth in other ways. For instance, don’t go around being stuck to your iPhone. It’s better to stay in your car and leave your devices in your pockets until you’re inside a hotel or hospital.

Benefits Of Getting Medical Procedures In Mexico

Here’s some of the reasons that people cross the border for their medical procedures instead of staying in the United States.

  • Costs are much higher in the United States than in Mexico
  • Insurance is harder to get in the US than in Mexico
  • Insurance providers make it complicated to get coverage if you stay in your home country
  • The appointment times are less flexible and less frequent in the US. Mexican-based doctors often specialize in weight loss procedures
  • Your trip can double as a vacation and sightseeing

How To Stay Safe When Traveling To Mexico For Medical Treatment — Conclusion

At the end of the day, your safety is the name of the game. While Mexico is a very safe country as a whole, there are some tips that you should follow.

Everyone in the world has potential pitfalls, so don’t overlook the advice above. Take it to heart and of course be sure to reach out to a trusted surgeon today at TreVita.com. That way you can start learning about the best weight loss solutions for your new body goals.

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