Subscription Care

Wellness Subscription

Our innovative subscription care service is now available to all weight loss patients seeking help with their post-operative transformation. Providing nutritional, fitness, and behavioral guidance, our app will act as your trusted advisor and accountability partner as you work to build a better you.

TreVita offers a variety of services for weight loss patients seeking a happier and healthier life. We understand that your path forward does not end with surgery. The procedure is really just the beginning, and TreVita will provide you with the technology, subject matter expertise, and health & wellness products to help you transform into your ideal you.

Our Subscription Provides:
TreVita Health Technology

The TreVita Health App is your go-to resource for building a better you. The app allows you to log your daily fitness and nutritional habits as well as providing helpful nutritional guidance and fitness instruction. Progress is conveniently tracked through thoughtful integration with your Apple Health and Google Fit enabled devices, Bluetooth smart scale, and more. Feedback and results are displayed in easy to understand dashboards providing you before and after metrics, comparisons, and Ai driven advisory services.

Behavioral, Nutritional and Advisory Recommendations

Food consumption and daily activities as well as stress and emotions are conveniently tracked through our easy to use interface. We understand that life has ups and downs that can affect your transformational success and our app is here to help keep you on track. Learn more.

Health and Wellness Products

TreVita seeks to provide its customers with some of the best health and wellness products currently available. From custom developed nutritional supplements to home exercise equipment and apparel, we’re here to provide you with what you need. Supplements critical to ongoing health and wellness (Bariatric Plus & Iron) are included in the subscription service with monthly delivery to your door included. Need more? It’s all available on our website or through our app and all of our active subscribers receive 25% percent off items purchased.

Progress Tracking

We’ve learned that personal transformation often comes easier when progress is properly tracked. To better equip our customers for success, we include a Bluetooth enabled smart scale as part of every welcome packet. These scales measure a broad range of body composition metrics and conveniently pair to our health app, tracking your progress and allowing for more accurate recommendations.

Are you ready to take control of your transformation?

We can’t do the work for you, but we can help make things easier. You deserve the best support available and TreVita is here to for success.