Sex After Gastric Sleeve Surgery: How Long to Wait & What to Expect

Sex After Gastric Sleeve Surgery: How Long to Wait & What to Expect

Sex After Gastric Sleeve Surgery: How Long to Wait & What to Expect

Gastric Sleeve is a popular bariatric surgery that helps people achieve significant weight loss. The entire procedure reduces the stomach size by removing a significant portion, reducing hunger, and making people feel full sooner. After this surgery, it’s common to wonder how long you should wait before engaging in any sexual activity and what sex might be like afterward.

Gastric sleeve recovery depends on various factors the patient’s health before surgery, the extent of the procedure, and post-operative care. Generally, it takes around six weeks to recover from Gastric Sleeve surgery.

One of the common concerns patients have after gastric sleeve surgery is when they can resume their sex life. Though you may be eager to return to normal, giving your body time to recover from surgery is essential. Here, we will discuss how long you should wait before having intercourse after undergoing a gastric sleeve surgery and what you can expect during your first sexual encounter.

How Long Should You Wait?

It’s essential to give the body time to heal after surgery. This is especially true for gastric sleeve surgery, a significant operation. Most doctors recommend waiting at least six weeks before having intercourse after gastric sleeve surgery. This gives your incisions time to heal and decreases the risk of infection. Additionally, it takes about six weeks for most people to feel like themselves again after surgery.

Some Reasons You May Recover Slowly After a Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Bariatric or gastric sleeve surgery is a major procedure that can have significant health benefits. However, like with any surgery, recovery can take time; not everyone recovers at the same rate. Here are some of the potential reasons why you may recover slowly after a gastric sleeve surgery:

a) Poor nutrition

b) Not drinking enough fluids

c) Not following your doctor’s instructions

d) Underlying medical conditions compromising recovery

e) Excessive weight loss too quickly

f) Not getting enough rest or sleep

g) Excessive exercise too soon after surgery

h) Smoking or alcohol consumption

i) Stress or depression

What Can You Expect During Sex After Bariatric Surgery?

Even though your doctor may clear you to have sex after six weeks, you may not feel up for it. It’s not unusual for patients to experience a decreased libido immediately after surgery. This is partly due to the side effects of anesthesia and pain medication, as well as the mental and physical stress of surgery. Additionally, patients with weight-loss surgery often find their bodies are not the same as before surgery. They may be self-conscious about their new bodies or have trouble finding proper clothing. All of these factors can contribute to a decrease in sexual desire.

If you are interested in having sex after gastric sleeve surgery, you must talk to your partner about your concerns and expectations. You should also consult your doctor to ensure you are physically ready before engaging in sexual activity. Above all, remember there is no rush—give yourself time to heal physically and emotionally before jumping back into intimacy with your partner.

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