How our Weight Loss
Surgery Program Works

Smooth and efficient

As your personal medical tourism concierge, we’ve designed a smooth and efficient process to ensure your TreVita medical journey is a pleasant one. Let us break it down into five steps.

One of our agents will be assigned to you throughout the process to answer critical questions, gain an understanding of your current health, goals and motivations for A Better You! Our experts will work with you to find the right financing and surgical schedule that fits your needs. They will be there throughout every process of your financing and surgical journey.


Patient Coordination

Our team will coordinate between you and the doctor before your procedure. Your doctor will want to make sure you understand your pre-surgical diet and to answer any questions you have as you prepare for your journey. You will be provided the TreVita Wellness app and scale to provide you with tracking and accountability while you manage your pre-surgery diet.


Planning and Surgery Preparation

Upon your arrival at the San Diego, CA airport, you will be greeted and safely transported to your chosen surgical center. Once there, you will be welcomed by a patient coordinator to support your during your check-in and pre-surgical examination. You will then be taken to your room for a good night rest to prepare for your surgery the following morning. Your doctor and the medical staff will ensure a smooth and successful surgery and provide great support during your recovery following your procedure.


Transportation, Weight Loss Surgery and Recovery

You will be provided with a Body Composition Bluetooth scale that will connect to your TreVita Wellness app as part of your welcome package. Your nutritional supplements will be waiting for you when you get home and will arrive every month during your subscription. Our supplements have been custom built with bariatric weight-loss patients in mind. We do our best take the guess work out of managing your health and wellness.

Our Wellness App is a game-changer for your transformation and ongoing health.

  • Expert Fitness and Nutrition and Behavioral professionals that guide and customize recommendations based on your progress and individual journey
  • Emotional and Stress Management Recommendations
  • Encouragement from our team and our community of customers that provide motivation and support. You are not alone!
  • Fun challenges and goals that you can participate in with others through the TreVita Wellness app.
  • Awards and recognition within your TreVita app along with merchandise awards for those who achieve the goals of a TreVita challenge.

The inspiration and gratification we experience from seeing your progress motivates even greater innovation in our technology and approach. We are committed to continuously changing and adapting based on what we see from our clients so that we can continue to offer custom programming that best fit your specific journey.

Your TreVita Health and Wellness app uses inputs from your Body Composition Scale readings and activity logs from Apple Health or Google Fit to fully track your personal progress.

It also allows you to track your food consumption, emotions, stress levels and the source of that stress in an easy to use interface.


TreVita Wellness Subscription

Our partnership is here to help for all your future needs to be successful in achieving A Better You! Our partner Surgeons and Facilities are there to provide any future surgical needs if desired. This includes excess cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery and cosmetic dental work. You will get the same great experience for all of these additional procedures. Your health and well-being are our top priorities!


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financing partner for life

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