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About TreVita

TreVita is an industry leader in Medical Tourism innovation and patient care. We combine world class technology, personalized customer service, and a hands-on screening process for our partner facilities and surgeons around the world. The TreVita App will guide and motivate you across Nutrition, Fitness, and Behavioral Health helping you to better maintain progress and keep yourself accountable. Our technology has been developed in collaboration with international experts in each functional area, providing you with world class support as you work towards building a healthier and better you.

We know that your journey doesn’t end with surgery – it’s just the beginning of your transformation to a better you. Surgical coordination is just one aspect of our overall service and TreVita is proud to be with you every step of the way! The most important steps towards your success will come in the weeks and months after surgery. If you want significant and lasting change in your life, TreVita is the partner for you.

Unlike other companies in the Medical Tourism industry, we operate in the U.S. and we only serve U.S. and Canadian citizens. Based in San Diego, CA, you’ll find that all of our representatives are well-spoken and thoughtful with robust knowledge of medical tourism and bariatrics. Our passion and quality of care is unparalleled in the industry.

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